Genuine LUK Spare Parts

We all work hard to earn money and thus we must invest it wisely. When it's about buying spare parts for vehicles, we must make the right decision. Investing in genuine Luk spare parts like clutches, Dual-Mass Flywheels, Power-Steering Pumps, and Self Adjusting Clutch, is a long-term investment, and make sure you do the research to make the right decision. If you also want to invest your money wisely, then get genuine Luk clutch plates for your vehicles from Smart Parts Exports, which is a leading renowned Luk parts exporter.

Smart Parts Exports is one of the most trusted exporters for Luk genuine parts offering an entire range of Luk Clutch Kits, Flywheels, Pro Gold Clutch Kits, etc. We are the leading industry experts who help buyers in finding the difference between genuine and fake spare parts.

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How can buying fake clutch parts be dangerous?

Risk of engine failure or fire
Components like spark plugs, clutch plates, drive belts, air filters, etc. are very important for the engine and drivetrain to run smoothly. In case you buy fake components it will result in engine failure or can even worsen the situation.

Electrical hazards
Major fires in vehicles happened due to failure of electrical components and on inspection, it is mostly found that such vehicles have fake or counterfeit electrical components installed inside them. These kinds of fake components are not as per the standards and thus are very hazardous and thus one must buy the original Luk
Clutch Kit only.

Compromised structural integrity
Many fake body panels are not able to meet up with the crumple zones & pillars of the vehicles, which in turn poses a challenge to the car owners as well. Such panels or body parts eventually result in causing failure during the event of a collision or might result in injury as well.

So make sure you buy genuine spare clutch parts only. As a car owner make sure stay away from buying fake parts that are available in the market.

Problems occur that your vehicle clutch needs Replacement

Clutch Slipping: The slippage of the clutch means the clutch has already begun to wear out. You might observe a lag or a faint judder while your car is picking up. Moreover, the RPM started rising further than expected. In case any of these things arise, your car clutch is shot and it’s time to replace it with a genuine Luk Clutch Plate.

Trouble Shifting Gears
Another Problem of car clutch failure is when the car gears stop working properly. Whenever you might try to shift a gear it will not slot into gear immediately and would need more effort. That means a damaged car clutch.

In case you hear a sharp chirping noise while releasing the clutch pedal while driving and if it goes away after you press the clutch again, this is the indicator of worn-out clutch release.

When grease or oil gets accumulated or in case you drive through waterlogged roads, then you will observe some shuddering of the engine while changing the gears at low speeds. It happens due to a damaged clutch which needs to be repaired with genuine Luk Spare Parts.

LUK Genuine Parts exporter in Ethiopia

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