Genuine Donaldson Filter Exporter

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Signs that show its time to Change Air Filters

If you know the location of your air filter, conduct an inspection visually to assess its condition. When clean, its color should be off-white or white; however, over time dirt and dust accumulate on air filters which causes them to appear darker in color and make dirt easier to see. If the filter starts appearing grimy and dirty, replace with genuine Donaldson air filters for optimal performance and convenience.

The function of an air filter is to enhance the engine performance of your car. On newer models, it may increase acceleration by over 11% while older vehicles experience mileage improvements of nearly 14 percent. Another sign that your air filter has an effect on performance is if there's a sudden jerk when accelerating.

Lights coming directly from your engine could be due to several reasons. One common explanation is that it may not be getting enough airflow, leading to carbon deposits within the engine. By taking your vehicle to a mechanic, you'll be able to identify what's causing this issue and now is the time to address Donaldson air filter problems. Updating your car's air filter is essential, particularly if it has been reducing performance. Switching out the filter can improve efficiency and mileage significantly.